As Gardenya Plastik, we strive to meet market needs on time and provide fast solutions with our annual production capacity by prioritizing human health. Here are the main lines of our production process:


Design and Planning:

Our experienced staff provides comprehensive software support using all technological facilities before proceeding to the design phase in line with the principles we aim for. We analyze that the mats we design meet the expectations under all conditions.


Production Planning:

We meticulously plan the production stages for error-free production and perfect results. Preliminary designs of the mats are created and preliminary calculations are made. When the measurements meet the desired standards, the plans are transferred to the production department.


R&D and Test Phase:

Our R&D and planning department creates the workflow scheme by acting according to the criteria determined by various tests and analyzes. It lays the foundation for quality manufacturing in accordance with customer expectations and needs.


Production and Quality Control:

During the production phase, mats are produced in line with the determined plans. Our quality control team meticulously checks every stage of the products to ensure compliance with design standards. We are constantly striving for improvement in order to achieve the high quality we aim for.


Value Check and Preparation:

Values of products produced for customer requests or for stock are checked. The products are made ready for counting, packaging and transportation. At this stage, we continue our goal of delivering our products to our customers with a smooth process by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Gardenya Plastik always strengthens its presence in the sector by supporting its calculations and trouble-free production with quality control in order to ensure high quality production, product and customer satisfaction.