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The place of non-slip mats in our lives

Anti-slip mats are used in various areas to ensure safety and cleanliness. Here are the places where non-slip mats are commonly used:

Home Entrances and Corridors: Non-slip mats used in the entrances and corridors of houses prevent dust, dirt and moisture from entering from outside. They also provide a safe passage inside the home.

Kitchen and Bathroom: Non-slip mats are preferred in kitchens and bathrooms to avoid slipping on wet floors. Thanks to their water absorption capacity, they provide a safe environment on wet floors.

Living Rooms: Adding elegance to living rooms with their aesthetic designs, non-slip mats also help protect the floor.

Bedrooms: Non-slip mats used in the bedroom keep feet in contact with the warm floor in the morning and help keep the floor clean.

Children's Rooms and Play Areas: Non-slip mats used in children's rooms and playgrounds allow children to play safely and absorb impacts on the floor.

Workplace Entrances and Corridors: Non-slip mats used in office entrances and corridors allow employees to move safely. They also maintain cleanliness inside the office.

Restaurants and Cafes: Non-slip mats used in businesses such as restaurants or cafes allow customers to move around safely and maintain cleanliness in service areas.

Industrial Areas: Production facilities and industrial areas use non-slip mats that provide safety and cleanliness under heavy traffic and harsh conditions.

Store Entrances: Non-slip mats used at store entrances contribute to customers shopping comfortably and safely.

Pool and Beach Areas: Non-slip mats are used to provide a safe passage on slippery floors in pool and beach areas.

Baths and Saunas: Non-slip mats are used at the entrances of baths and saunas to provide a safe environment on wet floors.